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 Wind, pissing into the

Wind, pissing into the
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Hey, hey, check out the first of hopefully many Friday updates!! Isnít this awesome?? A full week of Monday Wednesday Friday updates!! I think I can handle this. Go me. So, on to business: to the casual observer, it may appear that I donít like Myspace. That Iím of those kids who make a habit out of knocking any popular trend just to appear ďwith itĒ. Fuck that. Myspace is one the best Goddamn grass marketing tools ever conceived. And I have found some AWESOME bands on there, which Iím pretty sure I wouldnít found on my own.

The Looks
Kimya Dawson
The Port City All Stars
Flight of the Concords
Cary Brothers
Sonya Kitchell
Signal Lost
The Rags
Joshua Radin
The Riverboat Gamblers

Now if you vote today, youíll get to see the Punisherís reaction from looking all badass like this back to looking like this.

Speaking of costumes, I did a quick work up for a new, samurai inspired Wolverine Costume for todayís Adam Draws Daily. You can see the orginal post right here

Ok, see you on Monday guys,
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