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 You think he'd be a Scruffy Wallace fan

You think he'd be a Scruffy Wallace fan
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Check it out guys!! Posting on a Wednesday!! And guess what?? On Friday, there値l be a comic up too!! So that means Drastic is dipping its foot in the pool of Monday/Wednesday/Friday updating, just like a grown up webcomic. I知 going to try and keep this up for a month and see how crazy it gets. If its not too much of hassle, I値l keep it up. But its too much of hassle, I値l probably keep it up anyway, and just complain about it. I could be the Warren Ellis of webcomics!! Wait, isn稚 Warren Ellis already doing something with webcomics?? Wha t the fuck happened to that, anyway??

So yeah, so far so good with Adam Draws Daily my lastest foray into making sure I have life. I知 three for three now, and you can check out today痴 entry here. Hooray for Screaming.

If you vote today, you値l see what that scene in HMV looked like. Be warned: Not that pretty.

Also, Goddamn do I love the Dropkick Murphy痴. After watching the Departed last week, it reminded me that I needed to listen to some more Dropkicks, as the track 的知 shipping up to Boston was used in such a badass fashion. So I got my hands a copy of The Warriors Code and holy Christ, I just wanted to fuck shit up. Yep, I just stuck on a loop of 的知 shipping up to Boston what a fucking great track. You can check it out for yourself here at the Dropkicks Myspace page.

The reason I haven稚 listened to any of the DKM since I got to Canada as it actually makes me pretty homesick. Cos no night of drinking and partying would be complete without someone putting on 適iss me, I知 Shitfaced. I miss you sons of bitches, but you knew that already.

See you on Friday!! :)
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