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 It'd be pretty funny if he was only buying Ani Difranco

It'd be pretty funny if he was only buying Ani Difranco
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Ok, holy shit. This is strip 150. Holy crap. I dunno, this just seems more awesome than posting the 100th I dunno why. Maybe because, in all honesty, this just snuck up on me. I only really dawned on me last week, when I was uploading last Mondayís comic that I had two comics until Drastic hit its 150th strip. I feel all grown up.

Ok, down to business. Iíve been actually trying to write this comic for about 6 months. Itís one of the first jokes I came up with When Gill and I decided opening up a fictional record store wouldnít suck. But I couldnít get it right, so I forgot about it. And I remembered it when I was trying to write this comic. I think it turned out ok. Ah poor, fictional Adam. He better cherish that moment when he trumped Gill. Or does he?? Why not vote and gaze into the future using our patented Buzzcomix ďtimescope.Ē See?? Not pretty. Iím not certain about a lot things regarding my future but I will tell you this as a rock solid truth: I will make an AWESOME old man. You heard it hear first.

And in other news, Iíve started something which is equal parts fantastic and equal parts terrifying and stupid. Iíve given myself the challenge of being better and to draw more. Now, as you all know, Iím one lazy son of a bitch and I need some motivation. So, this motivation is, Iíve started up Adam Draws Daily, a Live Journal where I HAVE to post up a new drawing everyday. To explain it better, hereís my Bio from the journal in question.

ďOk, I'm Adam and I draw Drastic Comics. And for the longest time, that's about all I drew. So fuck that. It's going to change. Everyday, I'm going to post up a drawing, just to get me back in the swing of things. And I have rules, too. I can't draw the same thing twice in one month. No Way. If I draw a Batman today, that means no more Batman drawings until the next month. That seem clear?? Awesome. I'm going to throw everything against wall and see what sticks. Animals, people, buildings, food, and eeep, even cars. I'm not going to limit myself. And neither wil you guys. You get to choose what I can draw, if you'll be up for it. Just tell me what to draw and more than likely, it will end up here, on the ol' LJ!Ē

I hope this turns out ok.

Anyways, for non comic related stuff, GO AND SEE MARTIN SCORSESEíS THE DEPARTED. I cannot stress how vital it is that you go see this movie, as it is probably the best film I have seen in the cinema. No kidding. Everyone involved in this movie is at the top of their game, and it really deserves to be seen in a big, dark room with a 60 foot screen filled with people.

Want more details?? Fine. Leonardo DiCaprio is working undercover for the Massachusetts state police, trying to infiltrate Jack Nicholsonís gang. Meanwhile, Matt Damon is working as Nicholsonís mole inside the same police unit. Thatís all Iím saying, other than its an exercise in extremes and tension. Itís a superb film and I really hope you all see this

Anyways, Iíve rattled on enough, I hope you guys have an awesome Monday and Iíll see you on Thursday.

Also, yes, that is the Mark Millar in the title bar. Mr. Millar was kind enough to give me a quote for the site, but unfortunately it was a touch too long for the title bar, but hereís the full version

"Adam Murray turned to comics after years of violent sectarian bloodshed and Ireland is a safer place for it. Do your part for the peace process by checking out the excellent Drastic and keep this bastard off the streets." Ė Mark Millar

Still buzzing about the fact Mark motherfucking Millar (I believe thatís his full Scotish name, as dictated by tradition) lent his name to site. This means one of two things, that Iím actually much better than I relaised, OR Mark Millar is just a fantastic and incredibly generous bloke. Hmmm. Iím going with the Millarís a gent option myself.

Thanks Millar. I promise I wonít suck.
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