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 As serious as Ellen Pompeo. Seriously

As serious as Ellen Pompeo.  Seriously
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Iím really glad you guys got a kick out of the Adam/Alex storyline. This strip sorta puts a cap on it, for now. Iím not saying Iíll never touch on that again, but I am saying Iím not going to deal with it for awhile now. Seem fair?? Also, I just want to note that my housemates are cooking bacon downstairs and the smell is actually making me nauseous. Ugh. Guess that means Iím a proper vegetarian now, eh??

Mondayís was baseball, and todayís vote incentive is all about hockey. I hope you guys like it. Also, I was shocked to discover that there actually is a team called the Mighty Ducks. Seriously. Theyíre not coached by Emilio Estevez, but I guess you canít have every, right???

So, I see Thank You For Smoking is out on DVD. Man that is an awesome film. But honestly, it may be funny, but it is NOT a comedy. This is one razor sharp piece of satire which evokes some really big laughs. This is a film with teeth. Itís easily the best film of 2006. I really love it and I hope you do too.

So yeah, what do you guys make of OK GO?? I got the first two albums and I havenít got a chance to listen to them properly, but what do think of them?? Like them, hate them?? Tell me why at adam @ drasticcomics.com. In fact, you have any albums that you think I should listen to that will change my life?? Awesome, just send me your recommendations to adam @ drasticcomics.com. Thanks guys.

So, yeah, Strip 150 is coming, WHOA. Should be some big and crazy developments happening Monday, so check them out.

Hmmm. Ok. Ellen Pompeo plays Meredith Grey in the TV show, Greyís Anatomy. You should watch it. Seriously. They say seriously a lot, seriously. Also, if that doesnít convince you, maybe Katherine Heigl will. Hot damn. Our love is real and true and not weird or creepy in any way. Seriously.
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