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 All badly done accents sound Jamaican: TRUTH

All badly done accents sound Jamaican: TRUTH
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YAAAY!!! Thursday is barely 7 hours old and we have a new Drastic up!! Hooray for me!! But in all fairness, I stayed up all night to do this, barring a two episode My Name is Earl Break and a few posts on Millarworld. But whatever, its all good now. Hopefully, I wont be too fucking useless in work tomorrow, well today. Bollocks. And Iíve discovered, that by the time I wait for both the buses I need to get to work, I can easily walk it. So thatís my goal later on today. Not to die while walking to work. A noble endeavour if ever there was one.

Couple of things, if youíre reading Marvel Civil War, todayís voting incentive is just for you. Bearing in mind that Iím really loving the series and I think as far as these massive all encompassing crossovers go, Civil War is doing just fine. Essentially, the premise is pretty simple: the equivalent of 9/11 has happened in the Marvel universe, and a school is blown up and over 600 children are killed. And it happened during a fight between Superheroes. So obviously, in a world when New York is a virtual boxing ring for Superhero and their respective Nemesisís to beat the shit out of each other, this is the straw that broke the Camelís back. As a result, a law has been passed, where all Superheroes have to register or become outlaws. Of course, some people comply, and others donít Captain America is leading those who are against this whole registration idea and itís up to Iron Man with the rest of the Superheroís who think registering their powers is the responsible thing to do, to bring them in.

And so sets the stage for every 5 year old comic book fans dream: Superheroes versus Superheroes. Itís as awesome as it sounds kids, believe me. I think John Hendrick of the 3rd Place (Unit 3 Sprangers Yard, Crowe St, Templebar, Dublin 2) may still have a full set of all four issues left, best go in and check. The trade will be out in Febuary/March of next year as itís a 7 part epic and its up to part 4. Enjoy.

Also, been listening to the The Be Good Tanyas for most of the time I did the comic. Theyíre a really cool band, really gentle, really good to listen to. I dug it. You should check them out.

Ok, see you guys on Monday

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