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 Her Cat Taught Her How

Her Cat Taught Her How
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Bleh, I got stuck in the rain coming home from work on Saturday, as Halifax essentially shut down from about 5pm, because the Stones were playing Halifax Bully for them. So I was waiting for a bus for an hour, with no sign of a cab, so “fuck this” I said to myself, and walked. In the driving rain. Jesus Christ, I don’t think I’ve ever been wetter. As a result I have a fucking awful cold, which only really hit me on Monday. It hit me all the way to awesome-town. A quick note of advice to any of the taxi-driving community reading this comic. IF YOU DRIVE AROUND ON A COLD AND A STORMY WITH A PASSENGER AND YOU STILL HAVE YOUR “FOR HIRE” SIGN ON, PEOPLE WILL WANT TO DRAG YOU OUT OF YOUR CAB AND DO BAD THINGS TO YOU. Ahem, but goddamn, it’s the most frustrating thing in the world when you see a cab, and that “for hire” light is really a beacon for your salvation, only to see that taxi drive past with some smug asshole in the backseat. I’m just saying.

Also, went to Word on the street festival on Sunday. Met some awesome people, specifically, Darwyn Cooke (who was super nice) Bryan Lee O’Malley (who some of you know of a BIG fan of), actually I scared shitless when I met him, because I really didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of him, he does Scott Pilgrim for fucks sake!!!! Also, I met Ryan North, of Dinosaur Comics as today’s vote incentive. I’m not small; it’s just that he is fucking HUGE.

See you on Thursday, I promise.


If you can make it, you should go, as it wull be the biggest thing to hit Dublin in fucking years.

And straight from the mouth of John Hendrick, the organiser of this mighty Con,
"There will be a con opening charity table quiz and party upstairs in the Bull and Castle pub, on Friday the 24th of November.

Teams will consist of 4 people per table and the winners get ooddles of nifty prizes.

Each table will cost 40 euro's.

And then we're going to party hard and drink lots of beer.

Sounds good eh?"

Sounds good indeed.

More details to be found here.
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