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 She has Ways of Making Men Talk.

She has Ways of Making Men Talk.
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Ok, whoa, short rant today guys, I literally have to jump in the shower as soon as I post the comic up around the interweb and then run down to get my buzz for work. For all those interested in it, itís going great. I had my first asshole ever last night, and Iíve there for over two weeks. Not bad going I must say.

If youíre a comic book reader and are digging Civil War, this voting incentive is for you. Inspired by Millarworldís Chris T, I couldnít not draw it. Enjoy guys!!

Also, you should really check out Xavier Rudd. All joking aside, this is music to fuck to. I havenít heard anything this passionate in a long time. Itís raw, tactile and awesome. Actually, it kinda reminds me of the Music from Firefly. They both have the same roots. You wonít regret listening to him.

Ok, check back on Monday, for some big news. Well, not really, Iím starting something new on Monday thatís not drastic and I hope you dig it.!!

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