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 Like Lil' Annie, but with less catchy Songs

Like Lil' Annie, but with less catchy Songs
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Yeah, this is late. WAY late. I have what could be described, at best, as a ďfull week.Ē Itís not something I really want to experience again in a hurry. Ugh. Yeah, I try not to let my personal life affect the comic, but thatís whatís been happening, and Iím sorry. I can promise this wonít happen again.

If you vote today, you can catch a glimpse in my life for the past few daysÖnot really. I got it pierced, thatís true, but the healing, recovery time, isnít as bad as I thought. I swelled up a like all bejesus on Saturday when I had some rootbeer, but itís all been good. Been gargling with saltwater and anti-bacterial mouthwash and itís been relatively easy. Have to do loads of talking today though with work, so that will be a real test. Hereís hoping.

Also, sweet Jesus, donít go and see the Black Dahlia, no matter what you do. Holy fuck, what a train wreck. Itís probably one of the most meandering, thematically muddled, detached pieces of garbage Iíve seen in a theatre. An hour in and I STILL had no idea what was happening. So I left. I was told that the majority of the ďmeatĒ occurs after the first hour, which is when we left, but tough shit, Brian De Palma. If you wanted to people to stay in the theatre to see the ďgood bits,Ē maybe you should have put some quality into the first hour.


See you on Thursday.

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