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 And now for a Monthy Python quote...

And now for a Monthy Python quote...
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Hey guys, Iím sorry this is late, but come on, look at the comic. I think you can see why it took so long. Weíre trying something different here for today and for Monday and I hope you guys dig it. I can tell you one thing though, Iím definiatley going to try and make every panel unique from now on though.

Also, Iím sorry, but because I spent SO much time on the comic, I couldnít get a voting incentive done. Which is shit, as I had a fucking awesome one planned too. The folks at Millarworld should now what Iím talking about. Youíll see on Monday. But still, vote if you want, thatíd be awesome of you.

Anyway, thatís it guys.

See you on Monday!!

Oh, House sucks. Eat that, Gill.
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