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 Principles are principles, but free is free.

Principles are principles, but free is free.
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Heyhey, sorry there was no comic on Thursday, there was a whole big thing, but I donít want to get into that now. Whatís important is that weíre here now and weíre starting something pretty special on Thursday. Itís going to be great.

Now, if you vote, you get a better insight into panel two. I should market that. Itíd be awesome. I should also definitely invest in a way to clip socks together in the washer and drier so they donít get separated. Man Iíd make a million. Uh oh. Never mind that millions idea. I want to make them first. Or is that idea copyrighted now I posted here in my news post on Sunday the 3rd of September??? Hmmmm. Iíll let my ďlawyersĒ handle that. When I say lawyer, I mean me. But still watch out, Iíve watched fuck loads of Perry Mason and read a ton of Daredevil, focusing on the Matt Murdock parts. Oh yeah.

Also, thanks so much to Zach over at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal he gave us a tiny link and we got some fantastic traffic. Thanks Zach, youíre awesome. And if youíre a SMBC reader, HEY!! HOWíS IT GOING?? WANT A BEER?? HEY!! GET YOUR DAMN SHOES OFF THE TABLE!! Enjoy guys.

So itís late enough her and Iíve got stuff to do, so Iíll see you on Thursday, for a special Drastic like you havenít seen before.

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