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 Surely, an Insult to both Kith and Kin.

Surely, an Insult to both Kith and Kin.
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It wouldnít be beyond the realms of human understanding to confuse The Dropkick Murphyís and Flogging Molly. Why?? Because theyíre both fucking great, thatís why. Also, Iím pretty sure Iím going to see The Dropkicks when play in Halifax when they play here on the 16th of September, my birthday no less. Itís going to be a kick ass time. I should be there, itís just a matter of getting paid and buying the tickets.

Speaking of cool shit, I picked up The Eagles of Death Metalís newish album, Death by Sexy. I never got a hold of their first album, Peace Love Metal but with a title like ďDeath by SexyĒ, I could hardly pass it up. I really like the Queens of the Stone Age, and was intrigued about the EoDM when I first read about them, so there it was sitting of the shelf. I couldnít pass it up. Itís a pretty decent album too. Itís not perfect, but it does sound fantastic and itís extremely listenable. Itís got a fresh, almost punk sound, but itís not aggressive at all. Think Queens of the Stone Age stripped down to the very bare bones and youíre close. I recommend it.

Now, who wants to vote??? Yes, I know you do. Now, itís a pretty shocking image when juxtaposed with this strip. Donít get me wrong, theyíre still evil sons of bitches, but, from what Iíve seen, theyíre awesome people to work for and the Starbucks in Canada arenít filled with the pretentious wankers I knew would populate itís Dublin branches. I havenít turned a one eighty, just yet, but Satan does make good coffee. All Iím saying.

Ok, see you on Thursday, for more scrapes and shenanigans.
You can of course, vote here. Oops.
Oh, and by the way, August is shaping up to be one of our best month's ever in terms of traffic, so it'd be awesome if you'd pass todayís and Thursday's strip on. If we break 1350 UIP's, it will officially be our best month ever under our own steam. We got a big ol' boost from The John Bryne forums in October, for this strip, but I seriously doubt we'll break close to 1600 UIP's this month. Soon, but not this month. If we break 1350, like I said, it'll be the best Drastic has ever done under it own steam.. No paid advertisements, no massive forum invasions, no articles. Just Gill, me and you guys. Thank you so much

Enjoy the comic guys.
A long silence is broken......
I'm back in Ireland after the summer and I wish I was still away! Fortunately there are many good gigs coming up back here. Dropkicks are also playing in November, I'm seeing Lewis Black next Monday. Tool are also playing in November and Dragonforce and Flaming Lips are playing on the same night in November. Hurrah!
It's nice to come home and realised you were missed. For me, this came in the form of my evil cat who now follows me around and attacks my ankles to show her affection. She refuses to let me out of her sight.

Anyway! Yay for drastic's very successful month!
Also yes, i know theres a spelling error in the first panel, it's being fixed!
HEY GILL!!! Welcome back!! Well, you know what I mean. Hope you got home ok, girl.

Anyways, if you're visting here for the awesome Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal HI!!! I know the strip Zach Linked to is a few strips back but I hope you like what you're reading, anyway.

And the spelling error has been addressed and will be fixed momentarily.
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