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Hey guys and guy....etes???

Hope you liked the teaser, well if you didn't, tough luck. If youy can do me a favour and pester, annoy and generally harrass me to get more done, that'd be great. If you're wondering how to pester and annoy me, just think of how you "Encourage" me to get new comics up...hehehe

Anyway, just working on the new comic. it should be grrreat. Its the first comic Niall and I actually wrote, instead of basing nearly *everything* on real life....so I'm really looking forward to getting it done so you guys see. Rock out.

Also, Halloween was a blast. Fantastic Fun. Although it was apparently Sarah And Gill's party, all the thanks should go to Ivan. And his Mom too. She never seems to mind all the gormless degenerates taking over her house. That is so cool.

Anyway, Live fast,die young and stay up late

"I tell you, its a sad state of affairs when you can't even order a pizza without 15 friggin' Zombies showing up at your door"

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray