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 Seperate but Equal?

Seperate but Equal?
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Once again, my choice not to eat meat is a source of tension between myself and Gill. Well, since thereís a good three thousand or so miles between us, it doesnít really come up much in our conversations. But still not eating meat is awesome. I would whole heartedly recommend it. Two thumbs up from me. Well, I think animals are awesome, and then to go around and eat them?? Fuck that. And please donít give me all that ďtop of the food chainĒ stuff. Because quite frankly, we have moved off the top, and have literally surrounding the chain, holding it hostage.

For another slice of life, why not vote?? Itís a common practice for me to try to install the virtues of those snakes on those planes, but Iím wearing her down. Soon.

Way I see it, vegetarians and all those smart folks driving on bio-diesel, are ahead of the curve. Weíre driving the plant hard, and soon weíll have no oil and second of all, I really doubt that weíre going to be sensible and keep livestock levels sustainable. Iím pretty certain in the next few generations that the cow, the chicken and the rest of the cute animals we eat, will be an endangered species. So, weíre going to have to smarten up and change our ways, or else weíre probably going to starve to death.

And we should probably growing fuckloads of bamboo. Thatís a versatile plant right there. Itís just as versatile as wood, it burns cleaner, and it grows like goddamn wildfire. And yes I learned that from Brian Woodís awesome DMZ, but that doesnít make it any less true.

Ok, thatís your lot for tonight folks. And before you go, if you donít you should totally read David Willisí awesome ShortpackedAdam
For all those guys here from the always great Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, thanks for dropping by!! And thanks to Zach, who knows awesome when he see it. The most recent strip can be found here and if you want to brave the archives to when I could barely draw, the first strip is here But seriously though, work backwards. Those first strips?? not pretty. Well, maybe this one is...
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