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 Business Oppor- Muthaf%#ing-Tunities

Business Oppor- Muthaf%#ing-Tunities
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Just to get it out of my system, MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES ON MUTHERFUCKING PLANE, MOTHERFUCKERS!! Ahem. Yes, Iím excited for Snakes on a Plane. I want to see this film. Why? Because, under normal circumstances, the film would never have seen the light of day. Its so ridiculous, that it has to be respected, just for making it all the way to the finish line, with THAT title still intact. Snakes on a Plane is the Jamaican Bobsled team of movies. And like the film or not, you cannot deny that it has enjoyed some of the best grass roots marketing of any film, ever. Mother fucking snakes indeed.

Also, if you vote for us over at Buzzcomix, you get a little slice of life from my flight from London to Toronto. The voting has been going really well, but I still think we can do better. Come on guys, letís bully your friends into voting and falsely inflate those numbers!!! YAAAAY!!!

Ok, this is a short rant today as my neck is killing me and Ií going to try and get next weekís comics in the can by Monday as I have a pretty hectic work week ahead of me.

See you on Monday guys!!
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