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 Here Comes the Bandwagon!! Hop on!!

Here Comes the Bandwagon!! Hop on!!
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This comic isnít a protest. Itís noting of the sort. Iíll address the futility of that lone voice is a cacophony of madness later on in the post. But I will say this: Terrorism didnít begin on the eleventh of September. Terrorism wasnít ignited within the sparks of the tension between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. The difference between a Muslim extremist and a Muslim is the difference between black and white.

Hijacking a flight wasnít the creation of Al Qaeda. I donít recall the insane security measures being enforced after Lockerbie. Terrorism is now the tool of both sides. Our governments and our media us it a tool to placate us, to boost sales, to keep us too scared to answer back and think for ourselves. It sickens me to think that poor people who died on September eleventh in New York, on the eleventh of March in Madrid and the Londoners who lost their lives on July the seventh, that their deaths are being used as a mere excuse to the world into a police state.

Iím not offering any answers. All Iím offering is my feelings. And all I can think now are the words of Thomas Jefferson, ďThe Price of Freedom is eternal VigilanceĒ

There seems to be so much misplaced and unfocused anger everywhere today. In every facet of our day, there seems to those whose sole objective is to get people to notice who angry they are at everything. And what good is that anger and fury doing?? To me, all it seems to be doing is create an every spiraling circle of more anger. Take Neil Diamond, and his song ďImpeach the President,Ē for example. What good is that really doing? For those who agree with Diamond and do want Bush out of office, they donít need that song. They have reason enough. And for those that think Bush is doing a good job, they wouldnít bother listening to something so un-patriotic. It makes no difference. All it does is makes people more frustrated and angrier that they arenít making a difference. And Americans?? 2008 isnít even two years away now. Like it or not, you choose who runs the world. So do your duty and vote. And get everyone you know to vote. Thatís what moveon.org is for.

Boy that was some heavy going, right?? Sorry for getting all serious on you guys. For something completely different, why not vote and see todayís incentive?? Iím trying something new here with the colouring, as well done black white and grey scale art is quite frankly, the balls. Sorry the comic is late, this one took ages to write, as I knew I wanted to talk about Terrorism, but I just didnít know how to articulate my feelings.

And one more thing. Thanks to the success of Bill Hicks, as his spiritual successor, Jon Stewart; any two bit hack of a comedian can make a crack about Bush and all of a sudden theyíre an edgy political commentator. Like terrorism, it pisses me off that true political activism can be hijacked for popularity.

See you on Thursday,
Ooops. I was course referring to Neil Young and his new Album, Living with War Today. Sorry about that. Not Neil Diamond. But for speaking of Neil Diamond, hereís Will Ferrell doing an great job of spoofing him for SNL.
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