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 Would an Anti-Pirate say RRAY??

Would an Anti-Pirate say RRAY??
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Heyhey!! Here we are, back to our old shenanigans, once again. Incidentally, ďShenanigansĒ is probably one of the most fun words to say, ever. So yes. Downloading. Iím no doctor, but I am under the impression that itís a gender swapping minefield. Hereís how I see downloading and all of this file sharing malarkey;

Downloading TV shows and the like, I really donít see a problem. Especially when I was back home, downloading was the only was to see shows like Justice League Unlimited and Battlestar Galactica, for example. But when it comes to movies, albums, and comics, and other awesome stuff available for purchase, I see downloading as a mere preview. A rental if you will. If I really like an album I download, I will make it my business to buy it as soon as I get the money. I do the same with movies, and especially with comics. So if I really like, itís only fair that I buy it. I know thatís not for everyone, but being essentially raised by TV in the 80ís notably Transformers, He-Man, and Thundercats, I do have a fairly overdeveloped sense of right and wrong. But thatís just me.

I really didnít have time to make up a brand new vote incentive today, so hereís what I did; if you vote today, youíll get to see the sketch I did today of Wolverine to warm up for the strip, only finished to a much higher standard. Sound fair?? Awesome.

Ok, thatís your lot for today, see you on Thursday.
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