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 Oh Baby I Hear The Blues Are Calling...

Oh Baby I Hear The Blues Are Calling...
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This actually happened. On the way home from work, I have to pass an old folks home. And maybe to escape the heat or whatever, thereís always people sitting outside, even at 11:30 in the evening, but no matter. Now, Iím living in the Maritimes, and a friendlier place you couldnít find, without going back home to Ireland. But anyways, everyone greets each other, friend or stranger on the street. And in my effort to naturalise myself to this strange environment, I decide to say hello. What happens in the strip is pretty much verbatim. Iím guess Iím doing this to share my pain. Like therapy, only cheaper.

This is going to be a pretty short rant, as Iíve lots to do today, number one on the list is to pack for EVOLVE!!! Iíve mentioned this before, but whatever, Iím ridiculously excited. I canít wait. 3 days of non stop music!! Seriously. It starts at like 4:30 on Friday afternoon and stops at Saturday morning at 9:00, only to resume at midday all the way to Sunday morning until 9:00 again. And then on from Noon Sunday to 8 am Monday morning. Itís going to be intense, and I canít wait. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

As a kind of treat, I guess, for you guys, I decided to go somewhere a little different for the vote incentive today. If you vote today, youíll get to see one of the sketches Iím in the midst of finishing up on Photoshop. I think itís pretty cool, and I hope you do too.

Man, I saw Oceanís 12 last night, and man, itís still really bad. Itís still a fun movie, donít get me wrong, but I canít stand it. Thatís mainly because Oceanís 11 was one of the most perfect films Iíve seen in recent memory. It just oozed cool. Oceanís 12?? That kinda oozed ďMan, that first film was pretty cool huh?? Remember that?? That was a good time, right?Ē I dunno, it just didnít push any of my buttons I guess. But it is clear that everyone involved had such a fun time making that movie, its not funny. In every scene, theyíre all trying to repress a smile. In that respect, I like it. But Iíd still have to watch it under duress.

See you on Monday

Also, July was probally was the best month in terms of traffic for Drastic ever. We came 25 UIP access's short of 1300, and that's without any paid advertisments, articles in webcomic review sites, hate mail from John Bryne, or any other unique outside force. All the traffic we got this month has all been down to Drastic and YOU, for spreading the word when you can.

We just want to say thank you.

And a special word of thanks to Messers HAll and Zoutman for linking drastic in their sigs wherever they go. Cheers guys

And a special mention to Mr Dermo Delany who has worked his ass off to give us a kickass site from whence we can present this kickass webcomic. Youíre awesome dude. We couldnít do this without you, man.

(And I am fully, fully aware that 1275 visitors in a month is hardly reason to celebrate. I'll be needing at least 2000 visitors every update before drastic can become an actual success, but what the hell?? I'm impressed with how far we've come in essentially a year.

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