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 That Devestating Glare.

That Devestating Glare.
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Hereís another dose of ďreal lifeĒ Adam in Canada. And before you stretch those memory muscles, yes, this is taken off of this strip. Iíve had a couple of experiences like this, but thankfully, Iím coming around to cats. Thatís mainly because Loki is a petty awesome cat, and not pure evil, like other cats Iíve met, Gill. So I hope I donít make Rich Johnstonís head off with this blatant ďswipe.Ē

So yeah, the voting has been doing really well lately, and I just want to give you all a big high five for showing you love for the comic. Well, if not your love, your strong appreciation for the work Gill and I do. It really awesome to see us doing so well for such a small comic, and thatís totally down to you. Thanks so much. Yeah, I fucking hate Mel Gibson. The Passion of the Christ was just the last straw. I canít think of a more bloated, overhyped piece of thrash. And now, this asshole gets charged with a DUI?? Perfect. I hope the public backlash is petty butal for this homophobic, religiously fanatic, bigot. Ahem.

Also, I got my hands on the new Jurassic 5 album, Feedback. I still havenít had a chance to listen to it properly, but so far, I really like it. Even for a Jurassic 5 album, its pretty melodic, which is saying something. If you like good, fun music, made by people who are passionate by what they do, check it out. If not Feedback, then what about Power in Numbers??

Anyways, See you on Thursday guys
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