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 I Believe the Technical Term is ďOsmosis,Ē Fact Fans

I Believe the Technical Term is ďOsmosis,Ē Fact Fans
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Donít go acting all smug like you never stabbed your date in the eye with cutlery on a first date before, because Iím not buying it. Not buying it for a second, Mr. Smuggy Mc Smuggness. Oh yes, no mistake, Iím wearing my insult hat, as is evident by that scalding hot retort I just dropped there. So, for the love of God, donít cross me.

And if you want to know ďAdamísĒ reaction Gillís comment in panel 3, why not go ahead and vote?? My fictional avatar has a lot to say, let me tell you.

Not much to report as of now, but as soon as there is, Iíll let you know. Iím off now to get my ass handed to me in Super Mario World by Sonja and eat some of this ďIced CreamĒ the kids keep yapping on a bout.

Oopsie. I forgot to tag that voting link above. Christ. Anyway, if you want to vote just click here guys. Bugger. Thanks for voting guys
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