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 An Acting Masterclass

An Acting Masterclass
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Hush. So. Unbelievably. Good.

It's a wonderful feeling when you know something is so worthy of recognition that you don't need hyberbole of any kind to sell it. That's how I feel about Hush. It's just that good. Forgive my haste, those of you not versed in the way's of Jeph Loeb's and Jim Lee's modern milestone of monthly comic book storytelling. Hush was a 12 part series that ran in the monthly Batman title last year. I'm not exageratting when I say that Hush was THE comic of last year. No comic was more widely anticipated, and hyped than Hush was all year. No comic was able to deliver on all its promises more than Hush. It is truly a DC(I would say "marvel" but it is batman, and i know how pissy those DC boys get, so make do,ok?) of storytelling. Just go in to 3rd place and pick up a copy. Glance through Jim Lee's pencils which although insanely detailed, never lose focous, never lose their edge. Also, take the time to read it. Not just look at the extremly pretty pictures, but read what Jeph Loeb is trying to do and belive me, the money will just be falling out of your pockets to buy it. swear to God.

Boy do my fanboy muscles feel pumped. Mhm mhm. That's the sound of that little satified hum you make when you do a job well done. Mhm mhm. Well, ok. Maybe my onomatapaeia's a bit off, but you should get the jist.

Also, I'm really happy with how the comic turned out this week. For ages now, I've been trying (albeit unsucessfully) to developed a more natural, loose style with both my pencils and inking. I'm not there yet, but i really feel i've taken a big step forward. I hope you like it. To be honest, I couldn't really care that much, but i'm going to pretend that your opinions matter. Ok?

Before I go, i have one quick annoucement to make and then I'll leave you.


As always, thanks for reading. Live fast,die young and stay up late

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