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 Status Quo: Not Just a Band You're Ashamed to Like

Status Quo: Not Just a Band You're Ashamed to Like
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Hey, so Ben got a haircut. Itís got everything to do with him growing as a character and presenting Drastic as a cohesive, living breathing organic comic and has nothing drawing Benís hair like this was getting to become a pain is the ass. I promise.

So yeah, voting time. I kinda regret putting the kibosh on the whole Superman voting incentive thing. Heíll be back as an incentive punch line soon enough, but I like this one as it ties into what Iím going to talk about.

As culture shocks go, Canada is completely different. Nothing is completely the same. There is always something altered about everything. But mostly, itís for the better. But man, the TV sucks ass. Seriously, whatís up?? And Iím not just talking about Canadian TV, but North American TV in general. Itís just so bland. No wonder Americanís have like 30,000 gun deaths every year. Iíd go on a murderous killing rampage if this was my main entertainment outlet. Ok, I know there, are some great shows out there, like The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Lost, 24, South Park, but we have 60 channels here. How can roughly 5 shows fill in that? Christ. But I will say that if I can time it right, I can watch a five hour block of Seinfeld. Which is great, but Iím giving myself a week at most until even that slice of joy becomes stale and gritty. I really appreciate how cool RTE and BBC are now, now I canít watch them anymore.

And please donít get me started on the commercials. I wouldnít mind them being every 10 minutes, but honestly, who films these things?? Day release patients? I went to a Media/Design school, and the first year film students output put these ads to shame. Just God.

Anyway, Iím going to finish watching Old School with Sonja. I laughed so loud, I scared her a little. I think I actually may be too loud. See you on Thursday,

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