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 I'm The Reason We Can't Have Nice Things

I'm The Reason We Can't Have Nice Things
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Check it out guys, RSS FEED!!! Man, Iím fucking shattered. I swear to God, Iím not used to actual heat. Iím walking around Halifax looking for a job, and Iím all dressed up in a nice shirt and a decent pair of trousers and sweet mother of Christ, its fucking hot. And thatís the most eloquent way of putting it.

While weíre here, why not vote??. Itís probably the last Superman incentive for a good while, so enjoy. And vote from multiple computers. And get your friends to read Drastic and vote. Iím just saying. I mean, youíve enough free time to be reading this rant, so why not spend a few minutes and share something you like with your friends??

So, yeah, Iíve been watching the 7th Season of Buffy with Sonja in the eveningís and I canít for the life of me think why I didnít not watch this when it was TV. Itís fucking hardcore.

Thatís your lot for today, enjoy and Iíll see you all on Monday.

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