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 You Can Choose Between Your Kids Easily Enough...

You Can Choose Between Your Kids Easily Enough...
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Ok, first off, voting time. Itís slighty integral to what comes next. Oh and in case you were wondering, the ďDude last WeekĒ was this dude here.

Ok. I donít know how to say this, so Iím just going to say it. I didnít like Superman Returns. There are parts I liked, there are parts I really liked, but for the most part, it was really bland. I honestly got bored during it. Donít get me wrong, I liked the Donner films just as much as the next guy, but I feel it was a massive mistake on Singerís part to use them as a crutch. Although stylistically, itís very similar to the 1940ís cartoons, but nearly every character beat is spot on from a film is 28 years old. Richard Donner did not create Superman. He merely presented a pretty version of him. So I donít see why his film should be held in such high regard. I mean Bryan Singer is a great director. Surely he has more vision than to merely follow in someone elseís footsteps. I guess the biggest feeling I got when I walked out of the cinema was ďThey could do anything with Superman, and they chose to this??Ē

I really like Canada. Itís pretty great. I mean, Halifax looks like a fucking movie, Iím not joking. Itís awesome. After spending all my life in Dublin, coming to a city with wide streets, perfect white sidewalks and timber houses, is a little surreal. Itís great. And to whoever invented Root beer, thank you. You beverage rocks.

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