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Oopsie Daisy
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Yep, booze and going away parties does not an on time comic make. Ah well.

OK. This is the last Drastic Iíll be posting form Ireland for quite some time. Yikes. As Iím typing this, in the first few minutes of Tuesday morning, I have about 32 hours before I leave for the airport. Holy fuck. Itís both terrifying and terrific all in the same breath. I seriously, cannot wait to get to Canada, but I thereís a part of me that doesnít want to leave all this behind. My going away party was a tremendous amount of fun, but it was still pretty sad, as I have a fantastic group of friends, who I will miss with all my heart. But they would literally kick the shit out of me if I gave up this chance just because Iíd miss them. Iím not going to forget you, now matter how much I try and repress it. I love you guys.

Anyway, I know this sounds awful, but would guys like to vote??? Itís starting off a series of Superman voting incentives for at least the next two weeks. I hope you like them. I do.

So, yeah, I have the next two strips mostly drawn, and I hope to have another two in the can before I leave of Wednesday. So thereíll be no hiccups in the updates. Only beer will slow me down.

See you in Canada,
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