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 Would anyone get the Fame Reference?

Would anyone get the Fame Reference?
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Ok, I did not forget to do a comic. I merely had to prioritize some things and I prioritized Thursdayís comic so well, that I didnít remember to do it. See?? I Didnít forget. Ok, letís move on. Ok, Man, this is my last Friday in Ireland. for like, quite sometime. Holy shit. I hope I can sleep on the flight to Toronto, because I only have one night there, and Iíll be goddammed if Iím letting some pesky Jet Lag get in my way of exporling the city. Or at least exploring it until I get to the nearest pub and eatery. Iíll be staying around King Street West, if anyone has any suggestions.

Also, Voting time!! I really hope people did get the fame reference, as it seems the School for performing arts has softened Leroy some. Poor guy. I genuinely believed he would cut me, even in those tights. Heíd cut me so bad, Iíd wish that he did not cut me so bad.

Also, the ever knowledgeable James Brophy pointed out that Wednesdayís Penny-Arcade and I quote ďthat superman bitching about food is a very drastic kind of strip.Ē Thanks James. Does anyone else think that?? Cos itíd be awesome and not in the creepy, plagiaristic way, that Gill and I are taking our ideas from the same pool as Jerry Holkins.

Anyways, donít forget to vote!!

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