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 Don't ask who's playing mother

Don't ask who's playing mother
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So yeah, we missed an update on Thursday, oops. Thatís totally my fault. Beer got the better of me, unfortunately. Curse you discount Fosters!! Curse you to the fiery, refreshing, cheap pits of hell!! Sorry this is going to be such a short rant as things have been pretty busy round here at Drastic towers and Iíd much rather get the comic out than waste time on a rant.

But before I forget, donít you forget to vote!! Itís related to the shirt Iím wearing, for all you Hellboy fans.

Also, itís a Ferris Bueller-ific 9 days till I head to Canada. And Iím currently packing. Picking clothes is pretty much a no brainer, but the real head scratcher is what comics can I bring?? There is no way Iím bring any single issues with me. Well, apart from this current run of the Ultimates, Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine, and possibly the current run of Astonishing X-men. I think thatís it for terms of single issues. But as I said the confusion comes with what graphic novels am I bringing with for my year away?? Its like Sophieís choice. So far I have whittled it down to

All my Scott Pilgrims,
Sharknife Vol 1
The Ultimates Vol 1 HC
Astonishing X-men Vol 1 HC
Man Without Fear
Dark Knight Returns
Year One
Long Halloween
Dark Victory
Superman for all Seasons
Superman: Red Son
Superman Infinite City
Off Road
Spaghetti Western
Sea Guy
We 3

Iíll probably chop and change the list, but thatís so far, whatís coming with me to Canada. My frozen wasteland books, if you will. You have any suggestions?? Drop me and email.

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