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 That uniform would have been thong free too.

That uniform would have been thong free too.
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Ahh, the Sideburn. I'm not to going to lie, I fucking love writing and drawing him. If I was a more confident writer, I could definitely see myself telling his "stories" indefinitely. But for now, I think he works best in short doses. If your confused, to who he is, his first appearance is over here.. Also, Batman's suspected "tendencies" aren't without precedence either. Damn, the comic looked really different then, eh??

Also, voting time!! Today's incentive deals with aftermath of today's strip, with a heartfelt account from Sidey's victim. Harrowing.

When it comes to voting, I just want to say thanks guys. We've been doing fucking awesome in the top 100 and its all down to you. I'd love to be in the top 60 by the time I leave for Canada. I think we can do it. Cheers guys. I won't let you down.

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