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 Its not like he has that many to begin with...

Its not like he has that many to begin with...
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Thankfully, the real midnight opening I was at was a lot better than Benís. For one thing, it actually happened. John Hendrick was had the foresight to open his store, The 3rd place, Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, on midnight for Civil War issue2, probably the most talked about comic in ages. Not only did he open the shop, he did it for Crohnís research too.

And if you still want a signed comic y the hottest name in the industry and want to help a great cause, the offer is still open till Monday. Check it out guys. It was an awesome night, and photoís can be found here on Millarworld.tv

Like I said, this is an awesome book, and it features probably the defining comic book moment of the last five years.

Donít forget to vote either!! I think this image will get me in trouble, but fuck it. The type of people whoíd be offended by that nonsense donít matter to me anyway.

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