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 The Tract Society Brought the Funk

The Tract Society Brought the Funk
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I’m not going to lie, if I did own my own record store, like my wacom drawn avatar, I would totally make my own “exclusive” and “uber-rare” EP’s and sell them on. Not to promote my music, just to fuck with those who think that nothing is good if other people know about it. I mean, swear to Christ, how inherently wrong is that?? I always found that half of the joy that comes form enjoyment is from sharing it with people. And also, if one more person tells me that they “I listen to bands you probably wouldn’t have heard of” with that look on their face, I can not be held responsible for my actions. That irritates me on two levels. First off, its like people wearing a sandwich board declaring how much better they are than me, which deserves a slap in the face on basic principle, because the last time I checked we were all created equal, and second, I get incredibly frustrated when people presume to know what I like and dislike. Let me decide for myself first.

So yeah, your mission for today?? If there’s something you enjoy that you’ve been keeping under your hat, please, tell your friends. I’m sure they’d love it too. Be it TV show, video game, webcomic, band, a comic, or an awesome book you’ve been reading. Tell everyone. And a secondary mission? I’m not going to tell you about the Tract Society. Look it up for yourself, learn something new today (hopefully). DrasticComics: Edutainment without the creepy presenters.

Well, I guess we’re heading headfirst into exam season folks, and I would just like to be smug for a second and say; HAHAHAHAHA!!! I haven’t sat an exam since I was 18 and I still have a B.A!! But here I am, sitting in my pyjama’s writing a rant for a web comic that is costing me money...Hmm...Study hard guys. Also, you have just under a week to enter the


I’ve been getting some great responses, and its pretty cool to read all these stories. Cheers guys.

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