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 "Slaughterific" Should Be a Recognised Adjective

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Well, thank God they donít, because I think Farmyard cannibalism could get really ugly really fast. Also, its still not to late to enter our


Iím not going to lie, but the competition is pretty stiff. But I would totally expect a high standard for such an awesome prize. The gift of Scott Pilgrim is the gift of love folks. Never forget that.

Iím hopefully going to see X-Men 3 sometime this week, but Iím not too pushed when I go see it. To be honest, the first two X-Men films never really blew me away, but they were still really entreating flicks. Especially Wolverine taking out the mansion full of special forces. That was Top-Notch. But as Iíve said before, the X-Men never really sat that well with me, and it takes a special kind of writer to keep me reading, like Joss Whedon, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar or Brian K Vaughan to get me reading. That being said, I am close to having a full back catalogue of Ultimate X-Men in trade paperbacks, but in my defence, they are some pretty cool books. I guess my main attraction is that Iím starting from the ground up with these books, as the sheer weight of continuity behind the ďregularĒ X-Men books is daunting to say the least.

Also, before I go, I recently got my hands on the first season of 24 and I have to say, ďHoly shit, this is fucking Awesome.Ē Myself and the the show never really got along when it was being broadcast week by week on the TV, as it would keep eluding me. I suspect this an almost deliberate action on 24ís part, so it could not share its joy with me, as if I was not worthy to experience such hardcore action. But thank God, I started watching it. I have never been more entertaining in such a long while. I hope I can find the rest of the seasons at such an affordable rate.

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