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 FUN FACT: It's prounced "Snobberae" Scoll down for Scott Pilgrim Goodness

FUN FACT: It's prounced
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Hey guys, a quick break from the norm in terms of news posts today, because I have to tell you all about the


If you haven't been reading Scott Pilgrim, poor you. I have to say it is the warmest, funniest, most genuine and lets face it, best thing I've read in years. Anyway, my plan is to get everyone to read Scott Pilgrim because they deserve to. Maybe I'm being too enthusiastic here, but people can't call themselves comic book fans if they don't have Scott Pilgrim on their shelves.

So, here's the deal:
I have 5 copies of Scott Pilgrim Vol 3: Scott Pilgrim and The Infinite Sadness to give away to 5 lucky competition winners.

So what you have to do is simple. Drop us an email over to adam@drasticcomics.com and tell me your best comic book related story. I cannot stress enough that I am not looking for fan fiction. If you have an anecdote that revolves around or just happens to involve a comic in some tangent or other, that's what we want to read. Also, bonus points for those who send in pictures of themselves with the X4 hardcover. You poor gullible bastards. The closing date for entries is Thursday the 6th of June, so get writing, true believers!!

I'll let Scott himself explain the premise of the book:

My name is Scott Pilgrim and I am Awesome
I am the Hero of a Book! A series of books, in fact. I'm 23 years old, I'm in a band (we're not very good though), I'm "between jobs", and I've been having girl troubles lately! See, I have this unfortunate tendency to get into fights. Not like the kind where you yell and scream and throw dishes or whatever. More like Street Fighter, I guess. But hey! I'm pretty easygoing. I keep busy, and my friends keep me in check. I figure my life isn't really that interesting. It's just a couple of little battles with my new girlfriend's Seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends. And maybe some other people are starting to get in on the action too. So what? Doesn't this stuff happen to everyone?

I could just natter on about Scott, but sample the delights of the Free Comic Book Day edition of Scott Pilgrim

So why am I doing this? Because, plain and simple, Scott Pilgrim is awesome. When I read this last year, as I a man of 22, it affected me in nearly the exact same Dark Night Returns did ten years ago. And everyone loves free shit and I can't think of a worthier prize other than the gift of Scott Pilgrim.

Anyways, the winners will be announced here on the 8th of June, with that Thursday's comic.


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