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 Apparently, It was Peeling the Paint off the Walls

Apparently, It was Peeling the Paint off the Walls
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Things have been a bit hectic over here in Drastic Tower, oops. So, sorry about the delay. Organising this Canada stuff is a lot more time consuming than I had anticipated, but it’ll be so worth it. Anyway, more on Ronan later, but I’ll tell you this, he’s going to be a fun character to work with.

In lieu of my short news post, here’s some video and shit to amuse you.

Here’s an excellent episode of Father Ted to make you laugh. Instant classic. I can’t believe this show is 10 years old. I was 13 when this was first on the air. Christ almighty.

Kevin Smith talking about his “experience” working on the Superman film. It’s from the “Evening with Kevin Smith” DVD and I would highly recommend it. I know this sounds bad, but its probably funnier than all his films put together. Well worth the money

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