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 Arriving in Nepal was Kinda Hazy

Arriving in Nepal was Kinda Hazy
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Ok, I was going to discuss the absolute horror of All Star Batman and Robin issue 4, but I'll wait till Monday, because you read to read the comic before hand, because you're not going to believe me. Also, I want to have scans ready to support the veracity of my claims too.

I really wish I stuck with painting. I just gave up on it at an early age, because it annoyed me. A lot. The idea of getting it wrong frustrated me incredibly. But oddly enough, its a concern that only applies to painting. Print making, sculpture, illustration, animation and metal work and i love making mistakes. I love learning like that. I'm sure my tutors in college would have preferred it that I didn't indulge in learning so much, but that's the point. There is something altogether scary about applying paint to the page that I can't bring myself to get around. Hopefully one day I will.

I'm bringing this up as I was lucky enough to be invited to Helen Blair's first exhibition last night. WOW. Its a fantastic show, And I recommend all Dubliners who appreciate, great, vibrant and visually arresting work to make their way over to Rathfarham Castle between now and June the 3rd. It comes hugely recommended. I only hope her work stays so affordable when I have the money to buy some. They are tremendous works and I count myself very lucky indeed to be one of the first people to see it.

they are fantastic pieces. This is called "Waves of Creation" which is also the title of her exhibition

See you on Monday

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