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 Unattractive collateral damage

Unattractive collateral damage
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Hey guys I hope you like this one. Myself and Gill had an absolute blast doing this one. mainly because we were still tweaking it an hour or two before it went online last night. Hooray collaboration!! Whoopee for synergy!! I'd love to write these newsposts/rants when I get the comic done and online past midnight, but honestly, I don't really have the energy. I should get the comic done by like 6pm, but hey I like the rush of the "deadline." And if Gill was here, she'd probably add, "yeah, as it rushes right past you" ZING!!

Anyways, The DaVinci Code is out in cinemas on Friday. Oh joy. What a day. Who is coming to queue with me outside the picture house?? Seriously, what the hell?? How was that book popular?? I don't read many books, as some of you know. But I made the effort for the DaVinci code as i couldn't fall down the street without bumping into someone reading the book, talking about the book, or pretending they read the book to fit in with their friends. So, i jumped on the bandwagon. And halfway through this "mighty tome" I came to an important Revelation: I was reading the wrong book.

I had to be. There was no humanly possible way that this had the captured the imagination of the English speaking world. No way, no how. I asked, I checked around. Apparently I was reading the same book. I guess people are that gullible and stupid. Its not a good book. Its not a well written book. Subject matter and controversy is the only thing keeping the narrative afloat. It not worthy of the praise at all. Seriously, if you haven't read it, here's my synopsis. Take an incredibly boring season of 24 and replace Terrorists with Jesus, and that's about it.

So yeah, enjoy the movie. But please don't take any of the information on screen as being based on anything related to the truth. But if you think "truth" is actually a codeword for "paranoid dope-fiend conspiracy" then yes, this movie is 100%true.

Just browsed over to PVP today and Scott was talking about the very important subject of NET neutrality. Check it out. Its an extremely pressing matter and you have to read about it.

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