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 I Really Hope That's Drool

I Really Hope That's Drool
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So since many of you haven't heard, my dear beloved Adam is leaving me! Taking off to Canada for love and money. He's been keeping this fairly quiet. But I'm currently bringing it up to say that over the next while Drastic may be kinda messy. We're hoping to keep it on a regular schedule. However with my exams soon and then Adam and I going to NovaRock! then Adam going away and then me going away for the summer, chances of us missing one or two comics may not be out of the question.
Fear not though, Drastic shall not be finishing. Not when we've put so much work into getting new characters.....
We're currently figuring out how to get a comic done from different sides of the Atlantic. Suffice to say, Adam's new plan of sitting down and working on them together will no longer be possible in a few weeks.

I can't even say how much I'll miss Adam, however the 23rd of June is a long way away and I'm looking forward to spending as much time with him as possible before that. I'm saving all my mushy speeches to embarrass him in front of our friends at a later date :)
So, yeah, Canada. Yeah, I'm going. Essentially, I have these degrees which are pretty useless over here as trying to get a job in the commercial art world in Ireland is pretty tough, nay impossible. I may have discussed this problem elsewhere. So I'm going to Canada for work and because I've met someone completely awesome and it'd be the stupidest, most careless thing, I'd ever so not to go over and see her. Her name's Sonja and she's, man what's that technical term, oh yeah, fucking great. Speaking of Canada, if you work at a Graphic Designers in or around the Halifax ares of Nova Scotia and think I could be an asset to your studio, please, let me know. If a 110 Drastic strips hasn't solidified this fact, I'm awesome. I'll make a great employee.

Ahem. Also, NOVA ROCK!!! Now, checkout that line up, its like rock heaven. The only thing that could possibly make this better is if AC/DC played. But I have come to the resolution that I'll never get to see AC/DC play live. So its ok. I can live.....just. And with evolve!!!!!! coming up in August, I'm going to have the best musical summer, ever.

One last thing guys, is Mission Impossible 3 any good?? I've heard glowing reports saying its fucking great, and this saddens me. I don't want to see another Tom Cruise film and support his hedonistic, masturbatory lifestyle, but I DO want to see a kick ass Mission Impossible film. As you can see, I'm torn. So point me in the right direction people. God help me, but I trust you.

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