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 Somewhere, There is a Crippled Camel

Somewhere, There is a Crippled Camel
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Unlike John Travolta in that movie I haven't seen, this situation does not exist in a bubble. In fact, a precedent has been set. But unlike John Travolta, this is going somewhere. Aww jeez.

Ok, I really need to get this posted, so I'll leave you for now.

See you on Monday guys!!
Also, its importantant to point out that Ben's Girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend, share the same view about Batman and Robin. While I'd still vote to see my grandparents having sex then sit through either one of those movies, but Batman and Robin clinches it. It doesn't even try to be good, and that what I love. Still an awful movie, but WAY better than Batman Forever.

Also, HOLY FUCK, that Superman Returns trailer. I believe Gill has placed some sort of an embargo on me talking about it, so I'll only say this : HOLY FUCK. I want to see this film now.
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