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Served, as in
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Trouble and strife abound kiddies. There's a lesson to be learned here, to be sure. That those who start off those Hallmark-esque tirades of gushyness deserve everything they get. Serves Ben right. Please, don't me started on couples who use baby talk in a completly non ironic way. they will feel my wrath soon enough.

Anyway, when I saw Ace Ventura for the first time, I was 10. I was on a class trip to the cinema, which admitadley, was not even a ten minute walk from my school, but it was still cool. But what I'm trying to say is that when I saw it first, I thought it was the funniest goddamn thing I have ever laid my eyes upon. How I laughed. Even a couple of years later, i caught it on TV ( i must have been 12) and it still had me chuckling. "Hee hee, he's saying thing funnily and prentending to have sex with the air, that's really funny." is what i must have thought. But I saw it again on Friday and I have to say that I have had broken bones funnier than that movie. These moments where you cathc yourself maturing are never full of puppies and rainbows.

Also, got to see Collateral on Saturday night. Avid readers my well note that Mr Cruise has fallen out of good favour with myself. Fucking scientologists. But yeah, great movie. Its pretty exciting and immensely watchable. Its gripping shit, let me tell you. And Cruise's character, Vincent, provides some nice parallels with the real life Cruisemiester. Check it out.

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