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 Also famous for putting rats in mazes

Also famous for putting rats in mazes
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Yes, "Drives Towards War" is an actual book. Check it out Also, I would like to thank the fabulous Sonja Mitchell for pointing me the right factual direction. The book Ben's girlfriend is reading was going to be called "Gumdrop of the Id." it was going to by Dr F. Gustrum and concerning itself with abnormal psychology, trying to undermine Yertz's theories. Yep. But Sonja's an actual phycology student, so I pushed my friends into doing some actual research for me, saving myself the bother. Thanks Sonja, you rock. Even though you are Canadian, I won't hold that against you. Much.

Also, Ben's girlfriend doesn't have a name yet. Suggestions to the usual address please.

Blender gives us their list of the 50 worst things to happen to music I'm suprised K-Fed is oly number 12, I thought for sure, he;d make it into the top 8, but then gain, he's not even a fucking musician. If i got a dentist pregnant, does that mean i get to perform root canals?? NO. Christ, maybe Mr. "Everwhite" Federline will top the what's wrong with society today list. Also, you should definitley chec out that list. The 8th worset thing to happen to music is apperantly the Age of 27. I can totally get behind that.

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