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 Knot-bread...get it??

Knot-bread...get it??
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I had no idea drawing hands is a certified torturing technique...Jesus Christ Panel 01 kicked my ass. Anyway, the walls between reality and fiction are fusing as I made pretzels this weekend. and goddamn they were delicious. I'm making more. Lots more. How come, I can't find those over-sized sized "New York" pretzels anywhere in Dublin?? That's a goldmine of an investment right there, I'm telling you. ok, i may have become slightly pretzel crazed, but you would too. They're delicious.

Ok, next thing on the agenda folks.....wallpapers!! Finally!!

1024 by 768

1280 by 1024

800 by 600

Hope you like this one guys. There should be a Sideburn one up soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. Does everyone else get a disgusting mental image whenever they use that phrase?? Just me?? Anyone? Anyone?? Bueller??


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