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 Crying Without Tears

Crying Without Tears
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Man patterns keep forming, like some goddamn pattern making machine. its like that bit in a beautiful mind where Russel Crowe's character starts seeing patterns everywhere. Well, i guess so. I never actually saw that movie the whole way through. I just kept falling asleep. But I'm impressed with Crowe though. Playing someone who could count and is articulate must have been such a stretch from reality. When a film with Jennifer Connolly can't keep you awake, you're in trouble, believe me.

Ahhh, the emo. How we appreciate your "unique" fashion sense Seriously guys, smiling rocks. Try it sometime. And the next time you use daddy's money to buy all those hipster clothes to show how individual and alone you are, try and realise the possibility that somehow, there are people with problems worse than you. OK?? So Cheer up, put on a happy face. Listening to James Brown is great for this.

Also, speaking of all this "emoness" I'd like to say hi to Youtube's very own EmoKid21Ohio. You almost had me going there, you magnificent bastard. See his videos and judge for yourself. I think he is literally ripping the piss out of this scene. Well, at least I hope so. If he's for real, Jesus Christ, i think I've lost all hope.

See you on Monday

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