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I see something resembling a theme occurring here.

Its always fun to look back on things you have enjoyed in the past with a fresh perspective. Or not so fun, as the case may be, as I watched Peter Jackson's King Kong again on DVD. holy shit, that is one bad film. I mean seriously, its a bad film. How did I not notice this the first time I saw it the cinema??

First off, the acting is absolutely atrocious. The only actor in that movie delivers anywhere close to realistic performance is Andy Serkis when he's playing Kong. Swear to god, it makes my head hurt that somewhere in Adrien Brody's house there is a fucking Oscar sitting on a shelf, possibly his mantelpiece. Yes, an Oscar for acting. How did anyone not notice this when they were filming?? How did that fact that every single actor on the screen was making Keanu Reeves look like a proper thespian slip through the net at editing?? And more importantly, how did I not grasp this fact when i saw it?? Did Peter Jackson hit Naomi Watts on the head at the start of every day so she'd forget that she's possibly the best actress of her generation?? I am baffled beyond reason.

Also, don't get me started on the dialogue. Every time someone is giving a line, its like their mouths are giving birth. The words they're delivering are so clumsy and useless, its like the words are literally being forced out of their lips. That's how its akin to giving birth: something overly big is being pushed through a hole too small. What I'm getting at is that Peter Jackson has created the most self-indulgent mess since the Matrix sequels. I thought it was because i had a few beers in me that i fell asleep during the opening sequence in New York. I was wrong. The start of this movie, well the first hour and a half, is so incredibly dull, I'd fall asleep with a litre of coffee in me probably. Yes, I'm well aware that its a perfect, wonderful representation of what life was like during the depression in Manhattan, but I'm sorry, this is King Kong. People weren't going to see a truly accurate portrayal of how hard it was to make an honest buck in the 30's in New york. I do believe that people wanted to see a 40 foot Gorilla go ape-shit up on top on the Empire State Building. Yes, I believe they did.

But when Jackson lets Kong loose on Skull Island, and again on Manhattan, its a completely different film. I am still in awe of that T-Rex fight across Skull island. Especially when Ann walks onto the snout of a sleeping Tyrannosaurus, and the camera slowly pulls out to to reveal the Lizard's eye opening. But honestly, too cool action sequence's do not a good film make. At least the Lord of the Ring's films had a reason to be 3 and bit hours long. i can't see any possible reason why this had to be dragged out to take up so much of my life. I really can't see any reason. This movie could have been two hours top and have been amazing, but no, once again, self indulgence ruins the day.

boo urns

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray