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 A Kansas City Shuffle, To Be Sure

A Kansas City Shuffle, To Be Sure
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Another busy week, another week where I get nothing done!
I've been listening to thePenny Arcade Podcast. I really like it! I guess I was scared that, while Jerry and Mike write really funny stuff, it might be awkward to listen to them try and come up with their material. They're actually really funny guys! And aside from that, they make some excellent points about the study that was the subject of their comic.
These studies really annoy me, the only reason they're done is so as to create media hype. This whole idea of "post hoc, ergo propter hoc" after this therefore because of this. Two events after one another, does not necessarily mean they caused each other. That kind of false logic can be used to justify anything. The concept behind these studies, is not to actually find out anything useful, it's not helping anyone in any way. They are there simply to create a media-buzz, and why? Because it's easier that way. It's easier to pretend that a video game influenced somebody to take drugs or shoot-up a school. Nobody wants to think that there are people out there that can commit these acts on their own and god forbid parents should actually be held responsible for how their children are raised.

Anyway, the pod casts are great. People should listen to them if they get the chance. This weeks gave way to my favourite one-liner of the week: "My glass was half-empty so I had to fill it up with liquor"

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