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 Jack Black References will not be Tolerated

Jack Black References will not be Tolerated
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Also, the comic isn’t late. It was up at 12.30 am on Monday morning. Monday was a half hour old and it got rewarded with a comic. It just took me this long to figure out something I want to talk about with you guys. I really should figure all this shit out on Saturday instead of having a last minute scramble to get stuff out.

So anyway. Vegetarianism. (on a side note, I just punched the air in satisfaction that I spelt vegetarianism right straight out of the gate… or Compton, I can never remember what comes first). Anyways…back last year when I was sick, I decided to cut the meat out my diet, as vegetables were much healthier and it saved the rigmarole of boiling chicken. But then I got an all clear of sorts and yet back to my carnivorous ways. It didn’t seem right after that. I didn’t overnight develop some sort of guilt complex of killing cows. It just felt off to be eating meat. So I’ve been slowly getting the meat out of my diet, so it will be no more. Like I said before. Its not out of guilt. Surely we’ve evolved past the point of eating our animal friends. Maybe, I dunno. All I can say is, that if it wasn’t for the Veggie Power Crepes in Lemon, I’d have fallen off this meat free wagon a LONG time ago.

Also, the new Hellboy trade paperback (its not a graphic novel, as it mainly reprinted material) is out on Wednesday. You should go and check it out. And buy it. Because Hellboy rocks and if you were a comic, he’d buy you.

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