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First off, I hope you all had a great Christmas. Mine was wonderful, although I experienced my first "senior moment" as I fell asleep in front of the TV after Christmas dinner. I'm disgusted with myself. I swear to god, I've aged like 40 years in the space of nine months, it horrifying.

Ok, two Starbucks within 8 miles with each other, I can just about stomach. Just. If we get into a situation where Dame street becomes akin to the high street in Chiswick high street where there a three fucking Starbucks all within sight of each other, then a satirical cartoon will be the least of your worries. Its not a threat, its just me stating a fact. I love Dublin. I love it with all my heart. And the last thing I want for it is to see it become another main street USA. I know we all have seen that South Park episode where they actually put forward a good argument for globalisation and all that, I'm just saying I don't want it here. Yet. I know the trundling wheels of the capitalist machine can not be not be stopped, I merely asking for them to ignore our little island for just a bit longer. Because No one under the age of 20 in this country has any clue about cultural identity. They all learn it by osmosis now, from whatever American TV show they're watching. Thanks to shows like "Friends" have all but obliterated the word "hello" from our daily vocabulary. I'm just saying its an incredibly sad state of affairs and I have absolutely no idea how to fix this problem. But yet, people should realise this for themselves, because we're one of the most unique places in world, and should embrace that, not adapt to another culture, because it seems cool on TV.

And seriously, if you want a decent cup of coffee, and your around by Starbucks anyway, go the Cappuccino Bar on the Corner Crow Street and Cecila Street in Temple Bar. From the Starbucks on Dame street, walk towards the Central bank, head down to the far side of the bank, and take the first left and voila! There is, in my opinion, the best coffee shop in Dublin. And the best thing about it is, you don't have to perform a field amputation at the counter when paying for your coffee. Sure you can't get your vanilla caramel, macchiato's, but are you really enjoying the taste, or the fact that your drinking a rather complex and frankly pretensions beverage, because of course that means you're a cool hip consumer??

My God, Lorcan was right. I am a filthy hippy…

Also, I really want you all to check out the first issue of "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk" its written by LOST co-creator Damien Lindeloff and drawn by soon-to-be-comic superstar Lenil Yu. it's a really cool, atmospheric first issue. But don't buy it. Buy the first issue to ogle at, but seriously, wait for the trade. It'll be out in a few months. And then you'll have the whole story complete in your hands, in a particularly robust format, which you can keep on your book shelves with all your "proper" books, which gasp! Is the whole point. Yeah, the second volume's of Joss Whedon's astonishing X-Men has hit the shelves, so check that out as it's the shit. No one writes ensemble character pieces like Whedon.

Speaking of Whedon, when is Serenity out on DVD over on this of the Atlantic? I'm hoping soon, and I'm hoping I won't have to put with loads of bitching about the cover. Yes, its not great. Yes, River looks like she'd be comfortable hanging around with Lion-o, Pathro, and the rest of the gang, but seriously, shut up. You can't change it, and all this bitching will get you no where, so please, shut up. Or least have the foresight not to complain about it ront of me as that will to lead to an unfortunate incident.

See you next year, well next Thursday, but it'll be in 2006, so nyah!

Athbhlian faoi mhaise duibh

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